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New Heron album available

Time to do a bit of catching up… It’s been a year since I’ve posted any news about what’s been happening lately so I thought I’d mention that the Bob Dylan tribute album... Read more

Heron takes a rest…

Following the last gig at the Lyric Theatre in Bridport not a lot has happened for Heron. Roy has taken on the task of setting up some festival gigs for 2015. In the meantime you might...Read more... Read more

Dances for peace

dances-for-peace In this time of commemorating World War 1 we sometimes forget that the aim of war is to achieve peace. We so often give the task of peacemaking to the warlords and not to the peacemakers. On...... Read more

Heron Roadshow in Bridport

heron-roadshow-in-bridport Heron’s back in town again for a one-off gig.  It’s been a while, but then everything takes a while these days… On 13th Sept they’re putting on a bit of a roadshow with some... Read more

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