Songbird originated from a trio first put together by Dan Shackell.

Chloe, Steve and Dan played standards, performed a few gigs but disbanded when Dan was invited to join another outfit.

Chloe & SteveKeen to continue Chloe and Steve enlisted the help of trumpeter Michael Grew.  This time the aim was put their own distinctive mark on the standards they were doing and to this end they decided to record their efforts and put together a promotional CD.


..fate was to deliver a major blow.  Chloe suddenly developed an unknown illness and was seriously incapacitated.  She could no longer walk unaided and the pain she started to suffer stopped her in her tracks.  This signalled an end to any thoughts of gigging. But it’s funny how one door closes and another opens.  Steve and Chloe’s success with Michael in the studio prompted the idea of focussing on recording but more as a songwriting duo.  Almost immediately they wrote My Beautiful Man and were inspired to see what else they could come up with.  A year later they had 12 releasable tracks and the album Songbird – an unexpected duo was born.








Looking for a live feel to their performances they persuaded a number of local musicians to play or sing on the album – Michael Grew, Julie Dunn, Charlotte Storey, Jack Revy, Dan Anderson, Laurie Higgins, Clive Ashley, Stompin’ Dave Allen, Kez Blyth, Jim Shearman, Anne Rickard, Simon Hartung and Andy Leppard.

The launch of the debut album is at Bridport Arts Centre on Fri. 7th February 2014.

View Songbird_poster here.

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