Relaxxation Audio


Who are Joliko?

JOLIKO is the pooling of skills and experience of Stephen Jones, Lyn Lidiard and Reinhard Kowalski.

Their first CD Relaxation Tools is available now. More CDs are planned for the future.


Relaxation Tools

A collection of exercises providing a step by step programme for learning basic meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Compiled and spoken by Reinhard and Lyn there are calm musical tracks by Steve.  The order can be varied using both music, natural sounds and silence in between the spoken tracks.



Lyn Lidiard

Relaxxation 1

Relaxxation 1

Lyn’s soft Scottish accent leads you through two relaxation and guided visualisation exercises, accompanied by Stephen’s soothing music. The CD includes two half hour visualisations.

        • Relaxation & breathing – meadow, river and waterfall.
        • Relaxation – secret garden.

 Reinhard Kowalski

MindBalancing – Relaxation and Meditation Programme.

MindBalReinhard’s soothing voice is well known.

His effective relaxation exercises are used in relaxation and anxiety management groups up and down the country.


Stephen Jones



There are four tracks:

Westcoasting -Tranquil guitar, piano and flute melodies lead you gently along a stream through the forest. Lasts approximately 30 minutes.Tree tops – solo piano (approx. 7 mins)Fountain – solo piano (approx. 7 mins)Ayr – peaceful strings and piano (approx. 7 mins)

All music performed spontaneously by Stephen Jones except track 1.