RedRobin and GreyHeron — Either Side of Now
Release date : Oct. 5, 2009
Label : Relaxx Records
  1. Eye of the storm
  2. Da floot
  3. Smile like a child
  4. Glacier melt
  5. Plastic spirit
  6. Stillness
  7. Kathedra
  8. Either side of now
  9. Small talk
  10. Heidi
  11. Three flight

Either Side of Now

Here’s a taste of all the tracks on the album.


Robin and Steve first met through mutual friend Elijah Wolf and started to play music together.

Both of them preferred playing spontaneously and soon developed a way of working together.  It was only once they started to work with the Five Rhythms that they ‘discovered’ their first recording Stillness. This led to meeting up once a month and producing an album’s worth of tracks.  Joining them on occasion were Amanda Woollett, Hum and Nirmal Farmer.

The result is an original mix of chilled, moody sounds and sometimes laid back dance music.