Stephen Jones, Lyn Lidiard, Reinhard Kowalski. — Relaxation Tools
Release date : Jan. 10, 1996
Label : Relaxx Records

Relaxation Tools

The spoken exercises on this CD were developed by two experienced therapists. The exercises induce physical and mental relaxation and meditative states, teaching skills for everyday life.

Each exercise includes one or two music and sound tracks. Users can swap and lengthen those tracks and thereby modify the exercises according to their needs. That way the CD becomes a flexible and adaptable tool which avoids the sameness of a tape.

Comes with a comprehensive booklet explaining each exercise and giving suggestions for their use.

A Review of Relaxation Tools

“Although this is a CD devoted mainly to spoken exercises, I will first mention the exceptionally sensitive quality of the short music pieces in between. Perhaps because I am a musician, I feel that the music is too short. There would have been room for some five or ten minutes more of Stephen’s amazingly tranquil guitar playing – why is it so rare to find this on albums?”

“Lyn and Reinhard have their separate set of exercises (breathing and chakras). Their voices are pleasant, the instructions calm and clear. You’ll find short tracks with water sounds or silence in between, to be programmed by you as you please. There is an honest feeling to this production. It is not pushy.”

Daniel Perret, Kindred Spirit, Sept – Nov 1997.